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Riot For Hire -Chapter 1- :iconlordofthe-rem:Lordofthe-REM 0 1
Valiant BLACK-Ch 001- Pg 001 by Lordofthe-REM
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Valiant BLACK-Ch 001- Pg 001 :iconlordofthe-rem:Lordofthe-REM 0 2
A Warrior's Garb
Dedicated to an old friend… wherever you are these days, whatever you're doing, I hope you're having the time of your life. And I really hope to run into you again someday soon.
    Hope this homage is to your liking.
A Heroine deserves as much.
A Short Story
J. Bozlinski
    Funny how legends start. From the humblest beginnings, right?
    I don't know if a legend was born that day my Junior year in high school, but I do know this… it truly inspired. I had not thought of it for some time, but the perfect stars aligned last night… I spoke to the right folks, I saw the right photos, and I remembered something that made me smile and my heart swell with glee…
    Much as it had the first time.
    I don't remember many details about that day. They've mostly been washed away by the bullshit tumult of time long
:iconlordofthe-rem:Lordofthe-REM 0 0
Tempest by Lordofthe-REM Tempest :iconlordofthe-rem:Lordofthe-REM 0 2

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OC Profile - Kitty Valentine
Name (nickname): Kitty Danielle-Marie Valentine (Sometimes "Kit" or the ever-endearing "Slut" or "Whore") , Babydoll (Only to Glinda), Little Dove (Only to Glinda)
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Race: Human, but technically Dark Goddess/Embodiment of Original Sin
-Physical details-
Height: 5'0"
Weight:112 lbs.
Build: Very thin, though lean or well-muscled around the abdominal, back and legs. Her waist is very small, but her shoulder-blades are very defined and her back is slightly broad. Ample chest, has often been compared to a panther or a jungle cat of some form. Has the build of something between a ballerina and a gymnast, being that she was both.
Eyes: Moss-green and slightly slanted, to an elegant extent. Pupils are thin, slitted.
Hair: A shade of black so dark it reflects midnight blue. Falls just behind her knees in shaggy spikes that seem naturally layered. Bangs and wisps of hair are always covering
:iconkatvalentine:KatValentine 1 13
The Warden's bright future by rennerei The Warden's bright future :iconrennerei:rennerei 4,891 428 i believe... by aarkangel i believe... :iconaarkangel:aarkangel 2 1
Ill -Kitty-
It’s a gradual process. It grows like a cancer in your stomach.
Piece by piece, everyone starts to hate you. Slowly, momentarily, and you find yourself sitting in a chair helplessly, just hungrily glancing at every passerby possible. Every person who even breathes your air begins to look like an excuse to take out your anger; to ravage and consume in every way humanly possible. Your entire being buzzes with an imminent fever like nothing ever felt before, and you have the sudden urge to plug the rage all over the next poor guy to look at you the wrong way.
You realize what a monster you’re becoming when someone asks you the time and all you can do is wheeze out some kind of half-excused mutter. Your eyes narrow into slits. Your bones vibrate with that heat again. You envision what it would look like to spill the person’s insides onto the pavement under your feet. They’d be red and maroon and brown all over underneath their rosy skin, and the smell, the taste would b
:iconkatvalentine:KatValentine 1 2
The LightHouse - Dr. Barret 2 by Alesinsobrenombre The LightHouse - Dr. Barret 2 :iconalesinsobrenombre:Alesinsobrenombre 8 18 Dive In by BordomBeThyName Dive In :iconbordombethyname:BordomBeThyName 792 205
Snowfall -Kitty- ANGSTANGST
‘I’m doing the best I can!’
Her voice is shrill when I stare miserably out the window, stretched across the duvet with a tired look on my face. My hair hangs in wispy shadows of black, and I almost halfway flinch when I hear something loud slam in the kitchen. I don’t move. I barely breathe. A fever that doesn’t want to leave beats at the ends of my limbs—my fingertips, my toes, they all have their own pulses, now.
‘Goddamnit!’ something flies across the doorway. I recognize it as the phone attached to the wall, and it snaps with a harsh sound. This only gives way to desperate sobbing. I wish I could do something, anything, but nothing short of my death or my life will free her from this burden.
I listen to her break down pitifully in the other room. I can imagine her easily, so easily. She’ll punch at the corner of a cabinet and then she’ll whirl, and she’ll break like a china doll. Her shell will chip away and she
:iconkatvalentine:KatValentine 1 2
The fog
The fog is oppressing as I walk
it is a short journey, although i despair
for in the fog this place is unrecognizable
not sure where i am
i approach my destination
3 silhouettes stand there
waiting for the same thing as I
i walk up and stand silently
as i had so many times before
I look around and see the golden globes
hanging in the air
we are turning, looking.
two lights approach from the distance
the chariot of light to carry us away
to darkness
to salvation.
:iconheartgrenade1234:heartgrenade1234 1 9




Rem Murakai
Artist | Literature
United States
Current Residence: Kingston NY
Favourite genre of music: Rock/Metal/Electronica/Folk/Dance/Jpop... okay favorite GENRES, plural. Artistic liscence 4tehWIN!
Favourite style of art: Digital art, watercolor, and pastel
Operating System: Windows XP, SP2
MP3 player of choice: Coby
Favourite cartoon character: Kenshin Himura (Rurouni Kenshin) and Lelouch Lamperouge (Code Geass)
Personal Quote: Magic is all about perception... so join me in an abra-cadabra to take the pain away.


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